Questions You May Have

Does acupuncture hurt?
When your practitioner has obtained the correct stimulus of the needle, you may feel some cramping, heaviness, distention, tingling, or electric sensation either around the needle or traveling up or down the affected meridian.

Are the needles clean?
Sterilized, individually packaged, disposable needles are used. Needles are never saved for reuse at later treatments. This eliminates any possibility for transmission of disease by a contaminated needle. Modern hygiene practices are maintained as in any healthcare profession.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on the duration, severity, and nature of your complaint. An acute condition may require only a few treatments. Some degenerative or chronic conditions may require many treatments over time. Your practitioner will discuss this with you.

To receive the maximum benefit from your treatment:
Maintain good personal hygiene to reduce the possibility of infection. Please do not wear jewelry. Wear or bring loose fitting clothing. Avoid treatment when excessively fatigued, hungry or full, or shortly after sex.

Before your treatment, you will be asked to read and sign a Patient Advisory and Informed Consent Form. A copy of the form is available in pdf format by clicking on the link below.

pdf form


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